Therapy in times of corona..

Also during the corona crisis it is possible to engage in therapy. Depending on your situation we can arrange sessions by telephone  or videocall (zoom). When sessions take place in my practice prescriptions concerning physical distance and hygiene are taken into account. 




In my practice as a clinical psychologist it is possible to engage in psychotherapy sessions in English. This can be interesting for native speakers that live abroad and for people for whom English is their second language. In my practice it is possible to engage in psychoanalysis.


To provide an impression of complaints/problems that can lead to consultations, I refer to this non-exhaustive overview:

- anxiety, phobias
- depression, grief, mourning
- (psycho)somatic problems
- traumatic experiences
- compulsive thoughts or behavior, inhibitions
- problems at work, 'burn-out'
- problems in the context of a relation
- problems with parenting
- sexual problems
- anger, aggression,..
- sadness, loneliness,..
- addiction (alcohol, (other) drugs,...)
- problems with regard to eating
- autistic problems
- psychotic symptoms
- ..


You can contact me, preferably by telephone, with regard to any problem or complaint.