Online Psychotherapy


Online Psychotherapy..


.. is possible in my practice as a clinical psychologist for people who want to engage in a psychotherapeutic process but are not able to come to my practice. Sessions can take place in English, Dutch or French.


If you want to engage in online sessions, we can use a platform that works for you. I most often work with Zoom, Skype and Whereby.

Please contact me if you want to make a first appointment. 


Wim Matthys PhD
Online Psychotherapy 


Which problems, complaints?

To provide an impression of complaints/problems that can lead to consultations, I refer to this non-exhaustive overview:

- anxiety, phobias
- depression, grief, mourning
- (psycho)somatic problems
- traumatic experiences
- compulsive thoughts or behavior, inhibitions
- problems at work, 'burn-out'
- problems in the context of a relation
- problems in the family, problems with parenting
- addiction to alcohol, drugs, medication,..
- sexual problems, sex addiction
- anger, aggression,..
- sadness, loneliness,..
- problems with regard to eating: anorexia, boulimia
- autism, psychosis
- ..

For whom?

In my private practice I work individually with teenagers and adults.


- It is possible to engage in psychotherapy and in psychoanalysis.
- I work individually
- Online sessions 


About me 

I am a clinical psychologist and have a PhD in psychology. I have started to work as a psychotherapist with private practive in 2015. For several years I have made the combination with clinical work as a psychologist in psychiatric hospitals.


Contact information

You can contact me with regard to any problem or complaint. 

In case of cancellation, please inform me 24 hours in advance, otherwise the missed session has to be charged.

Wim Matthys
Kiekenstraat 26, 9000 Gent
0474 66 58 93